Vermont Grown Flowers

From an urban backyard flower “farm”

Grown by Kelsey Adams

I’m Kelsey, and my partner, Greg, and I live in an 1865 house in Winooski, Vermont. I work in sales and marketing, lead the volunteer board of Downtown Winooski, and grow specialty cut flowers in my backyard (and other yards).

Winooski My Town

In 2015, we purchased our house and began to reclaim it from magenta carpeting, vinyl, painted wallpaper, and plaster damage. We’ve loved the process. I started gardening when we moved in, adding raised beds to the backyard. I grew mostly vegetables and some flowers. 


Garden Grown

After three years of raised beds and being unhappy with how the garden looked, I decided all the grass needed to go, and I made a crazy plan for a formal potager style garden in half our backyard. Before the season was done, I was so ready to try flowers more seriously I ended up turning the rest of the backyard to rows for flowers. My partner built all the beds, fence, and the arch between the formal garden and the rest.

Form Over Function

In all, I’ve converted about 3,000 sq. ft. of backyard into a beautiful cut flower garden. Because this is also our outdoor living space, I choose form over function. 

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