Camp Hochelaga Wedding

The wedding that started it all! Camp Hochelaga is a gorgeous venue in South Hero that usually functions as a girls’ YWCA camp.

Two dear friends were planning their wedding minus flowers to save money. It was May, and I offered to start some seeds for a September harvest. By July, my formal garden was mostly complete, and the flowers were abundant. I told my friend “I’m going to do all the flowers. Don’t worry about it.” To say I exceeded expectations is an understatement (the bar was pretty low).

Most flowers were from my garden and the Intervale plus hydrangeas from a bank branch’s landscaping (I asked permission). Another friend with a penchant for flowers sold me the most perfect dahlias. The groom and his brother constructed a birch chuppah topped with an heirloom, embroidered cloth. I wired flowers in water tubes directly to the chuppah. Sap buckets full of marsh grass, queen anne’s lace, sweet annie, and hydrangea graced the base. The standouts were “Evening Colors” sunflowers from High Mowing Seeds. My favorite was the understated but unique garlic chive flowers on bouts and corsages.

Anne Mietka Photography