July Microwedding

Like many couples getting married in 2020, Abha and Brendan planned two weddings. After postponing their large wedding to 2021, they planned a 22 person event at Brendan’s childhood home in Huntington, Vermont. The ceremony took place in a neighbor’s field with sweeping southern views to Stark Mountain and App Gap, When Brendan was a little boy, he wanted to get married in this field so it was serendipitous change of plans!

I chose warm tones to complement Abha’s red and gold sari. Rudbeckia and Icelandic Poppies took center stage in Abha’s bouquet alongside Smokebush, Foraged Grass, Drumstick Alliums, Snapdragons, Sweet Pea Vines, Amaranth and Yarrow. For the large mandap, I chose foliage and grass that could hold up in the July heat without water.

Oliver Parini Wedding Photography

I love this moment of A&B seeing each other for the first time and exchanging marigold garlands. Oliver captured it perfectly, frame by frame. You can scroll through the moment on the image below.