Extravagant Arrangement


This size enables me to create a truly breathtaking arrangement. This arrangement is similar in width to a large, except it is  two sided! At a slightly higher price point, I'm able to ensure that this special arrangement looks great front and back.

Each bouquets contains at least 30 stems of beautiful flowers plus seasonal foliage.

We're currently delivering seven days a week within 25 minutes of the studio. Delivery cost is a function of the time to deliver. If choosing delivery, please be sure to:

  1. Add your recipient's phone number to the "order notes" section on the checkout page so we can efficiently make a contact-free delivery.
  2. Include some words to your recipient, also in the "order notes". I enjoy handwriting notes!

It's estimated that 80% of flowers purchased in the US are grown and shipped from other countries and continents. I grow all the specialty cut flowers I offer in my backyard in Winooski. Just like there's a local food movement, there's a local flower movement. By choosing local, you're investing in our local economy and reducing your carbon footprint.