Weekly Delivery

For Restaurants, Offices, or your Home

From the garden to your table

 Is buying local important to you and your customers? May through October our blooms come from our backyard and other Vermont growers. In the Winter, we source from greenhouse growers as close to Vermont as possible. We provide arrangements specifically curated for your business or home. 

Starting at $50 a week

For business

We visit your business to get the specifics: sizes of necessary vases, colors, style, and aesthetic. We then purchase vases specific to your décor, which we will interchange weekly. We deliver a fresh arrangement on Tuesday or Thursday (depending on your type of business). At the time of delivery, we pick last week’s flowers and vases in exchange for the new.


For pleasure 

Indulge a little…why not bring a little luxury home with you? Flowers are a great addition to your personal space and what better way to reflect your style than with an entry floral, table centerpiece, bedside bouquet, or some fragrant blooms for the bathroom! Get on our weekly schedule and pay no delivery fees!

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