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Urban cut flower garden in Winooski, Vermont
Grown with love by Kelsey Adams

Flowers for Pick Up and Delivery.

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Local Flowers for Everyone

Local food is ubiquitous in Vermont. Local flowers should be, too. The scent and delicate nature of flowers cut fresh from a garden is incomparable to flowers shipped from all over. I’ve built a urban oasis in Winooski, and I’d love to share it with you.

Custom Arrangements

Wow someone special with local flowers. Available May-October.



My materials lead me to do some crazy, wonderful things for weddings. I want to grow flowers from seed, just for you. 

Buckets of Flowers

Love flower arranging? Want to learn? Join my design CSA. 

The Garden

Always a work in progress. I started gardening with one raised bed when we moved into our house in 2015. In the Spring of 2017, I began digging what is now the formal garden with its bright white limestone paths and different shaped beds. Half the backyard wasn’t enough though, and I turned the lawn over to cut flower rows in 2018. I wouldn’t do it any differently, and I’m already plotting for what I’m going to change next year. 

Formal Garden

Limestone paths are the key to making this are pop. The bright white makes everything look like a catalog. Vegetables, fruit, and flowers grown together in harmony.


I’m always looking out for beautiful perennial varieties. This peony is duchesse de nemours.

Chemical Free

You won’t see any weed killers or insecticides here. Just me, a fork, and some great podcasts.

Soil Blocking

After some trial and error, I settled on soil blocking as my favorite seed starting medium. Not only does it help limit plastic, it helps me get my hands dirty when the ground is still frozen. There’s magic in the wet earth smell. 

Garden Gathered

Annual Flower Rows

 We’re fortunate in Winooski to have a heated community greenhouse. I start all annual flowers myself from seed. Plant babies begin their life inside our house under lights, some as early as January. By March, they move to greenhouse, and in April, some are in the ground. This continues throughout the season.

What can I pick for you?

Local & Fresh

Seasonal flowers available May through October

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