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Do you want unique wedding flowers without the hassle of meeting with another wedding vendor? I have a flower menu that allows you to pick your size and color, then call it a day!




Garden Gathered

From May to October, I grow unique, lush, local flowers in my backyard garden in Winooski. My ideal clients love flowers and are open to all different varieties. You’re trusting that I’ll make beautiful things based on what is fresh, sticking to a color palette but not specific flowers.

✓ Transparent Pricing
✓ Fresh, Local Flowers
✓ No Minimum

2020 Wedding Flower Price List

Extravagant Bouquet

Wider than your shoulders

Statement Flower Crown

Don’t let this crown wear you. Large flowers in the front. Can be on wire or ribbon.

Set of 3 Bud Vases



Wild Bouquet

Wider than tall, wild edges

Floral Cuff

Modern brass cuff with flowers, An update to the classic corsage.

Tall Arrangement


Petite Bouquet

Great for attendants


Gets pinned to one’s shoulder (for a dress or shirt) or lapel (for a suit jacket).

Long and Low


Don’t take my word for it

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