Frequently Asked Questions

Will it look like the picture?

Nope! Our flowers change with the seasons. Each arrangement is its own moment in time, never to be repeated. Pictures on our ordering page are meant to give you an idea of the size of bouquet or arrangement, but colors and flowers are always changing.

All our arrangements are “designer’s choice,” but feel free to include some requests for favorite colors or textures.

Do you deliver to _____?

We always work to keep delivery affordable and accessible for everyone. In addition to regular pick-ups at our studio in Colchester and Burlington (from our friends at Wilder Wines), we’re offering most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Need delivery to a town outside our delivery zones or on a different day? Please call or email us to arrange a custom delivery with advance notice, starting at $30.


When will the flowers arrive?

We typically deliver in the afternoons, before 5:00 pm. You’ll receive an automated email from us confirming that we’ve delivered. 


Spring Bouquet

Why do you need a cell phone number?

We take flower care very seriously. If someone is not home to receive the flowers, we reach out to ensure arrangements are always received fresh and without damage. If you’d like the delivery to be a surprise, please consider looping in a partner, friend, or roommate and providing their phone number instead. In the Winter, we are not able to deliver to someone we cannot reach via text or phone because of freezing temps.

How do I care for the flowers?

Start with a sparkling clean vase filled with water, and trim stems as needed to fit. Keep in a cool place, ideally out of direct sun. After about 3 days, trim stems again with sharp shears, rinse out the vase, and replenish with clean water. We sometimes like to separate bouquets into multiple small arrangements, or adjust our vases over 1-2 weeks, plucking and shifting as some blooms reach the end of their life cycle.

No Roses?

Most roses are grown in South American and flown to the US. Since we’re always prioritizing local and domestic flowers, we do grow some specialty grow some specialty garden roses that bloom big in June and have subsequent smaller flushes in the summer. We can also source US-grown roses from the West Coast with advanced notice.


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